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                Enlite Energy Inc
                Leafy Green
                Leafy Green
                Leafy Green

                LED Veg Grow Light

                Higher yields, Higher quality, and less energy-consuming under Enlite Horti grow lighting system.

                All we know how important flesh vegetables in our life. Flesh vegetables are rich in vitamins and antioxidants that can strengthen the immune system and they provide us the daily-needy nutrients to keep human beings healthy. Growing in the greenhouse and Urban Cultivator indoor facilities have seen a dramatic rise in recent years. And as and important physical environment factor, light plays a key role in plants’growth. The growth of crops is closely related to the intensity of light.

                Enlite now can provide different kinds of veg grow lights which create a suitable growing environment for most of the available plants and make the 365 days growing possible.

                Leafy Green

                • Vegetable Grow Lights for Tall Plants
                  Vegetable Grow Lights for Tall Plants

                  The Inter-light is for leafy plants like cucumber, tomatoes, cannabis, peppers. Because those kind of plants are too tall, the light can not go down to the bottom of the plants, it will effect the photosynthesis, so the inter-light use in the middle of those plants and plus top light together as a supplemental lighting function.  Enlite Inter-light plus with double side light sources, and each side has a light spread of 160 degree. The wide beam angle lighting promotes plants growth and fruit ripening speed. The inter light is the perfect partner with the top light, It have been installed at cucumbers and tomatoes projects in Finland. It can increase production yield maximum to 20% of tomatoes and 40% of cucumber as clients mention. 

                • Veg Grow Light for Greenhouse
                  Veg Grow Light for Greenhouse

                  The Toplight is slim design, install under the gutter of the greenhouse, and will not generate a shadow, it provides enough DLI (Daily Lighting Intensity)for the plants. The top light has the Demeter function, it is the most efficient led fixture on the market. With an efficiency level of 2.6umo/j, and PPF 1716 umol/s. this light can produce the same amount of light output compared to a 1000HPS lam.

                • LED Veg Grow Light for Vertical Growing System
                  LED Veg Grow Light for Vertical Growing System

                  Vertical farming systems combine the latest LED grow light to increase production and improve crop taste and decrease expense.  It is a good way to maximize the food production, flexible grow containers will make the fresh vegetables in city central possible, parking area, restaurant, and warehouses, etc.  Horti-Tube is designed for indoor farming projects like vertical farms, container farms, it can grow the corps as micro-green, vertical vegetables, etc. The tube can be connected to the smart controller, and we can adjust the intensity of light during the different growing periods. And what's more, the LED lights give off less heat than fluorescent and HPS, which means far less space is required between the light and plants, the grower can pack more levels without having to worry about burning or heat damage when the plants grow taller.

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