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                Enlite Energy Inc
                Enlite Energy Inc

                The Planting Mode of Semiconductor LED Plant Lighting

                Semiconductor lighting is used for plant growth or planting, and there are two basic reference methods. At present, the indoor planting mode is very popular, followed by the outdoor mode.

                1. The characteristics of indoor planting mode of LED  tube lights for growing plants

                (1) The role of LED tube lights for growing plants is to provide the full spectrum of plant lighting, which requires lights to provide all the lighting energy, and the production cost is relatively high;

                (2) The design of LED tube lights for growing plants needs to consider the continuity and integrity of the spectrum;

                (3) It is necessary to effectively control the lighting time and lighting intensity, such as letting the plants rest for a few hours. And factors that whether the intensity of the irradiation is not enough or too strong should be considered;

                (4) The conditions required by the actual optimal growth environment of plants outdoors should be imitated in the whole process, such as humidity, temperature and CO2 concentration.

                2. The outdoor planting mode characteristics of LED tube lights for growing plants

                (1) The role of LED tube lights for growing plants is to supplement light. One is to enhance the light intensity of the blue and red areas under the condition of sunlight during the day to promote photosynthesis of plants, and the other is to make up the light when there is no sunlight at night to promote the speed of plant growth;

                (2) The LED tube lights for growing plants need to consider which growth stage the plant is in, such as the seedling period or the flowering and fruiting period.

                Therefore, the design of LED tube lights for growing plants should first have two basic design modes, namely, all-weather lighting (indoor) and plant growth supplement lighting (outdoor).

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