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                Enlite Energy Inc
                Sulis Series LED Grow Light
                Sulis Series LED Grow Light

                Sulis Series LED Grow Light

                The Sulis Series is a 50w - 400w linear shaped grow light, with an extremely narrow shadow design which is the perfect suit for greenhouses. 2.1 μmol/J high-efficiency full-spectrum, low-energy consumption, with excellent waterproof performance, make these 50w, 200w, 400w full spectrum led grow light meet all needs of greenhouse grow lights should have. All these shall be your perfect choice reason!

                Advantages of Sulis Series LED Growing Light

                Sulis LED grow light series is modular and slim design, each modular is 50W and independent design can easily combine them to 200w or 400w led grow lights to suitable different growers' requirements. Suitable for indoor, greenhouse, and vertical farming. Can grow cannabis ,vegetable ,flower ,seedling,strawberry, etc.

                Sulis Series LED Grow Light
                • 50w Grow Light with Excellent Heat Dissipation System
                  Sulis Series LED Grow Light

                  50w Grow Light with Excellent Heat Dissipation System

                  With a self-designed special structure heat dissipation system, these Sulis series grow light can keep itself in a much lower working temperature comparing to the other grow lights. This unique design can not only extend the light lifespan but brings less harmless to the canopies. Lower heat release, better grow atmosphere.

                • Modular Design 50w Grow Light
                  Sulis Series LED Grow Light

                  Modular Design 50w Grow Light

                  Due to the smart modular design, you can assemble these Sulis series grow light into any shape. Bring this light to your farm with more beautiful, more creative, more practical functions. Believe it will bring you a little bit more happiness as it will bring dearly enough light to your plants.

                • Waterproof Rating IP66 50w Grow Light
                  Sulis Series LED Grow Light

                  Waterproof Rating IP66 50w Grow Light

                  IP66 waterproof design, you no longer have to worry about water mist entering the light, which makes the Sulis series lights have a longer service life and no need to do so much maintenance (changing the bulbs or so) as the other lights do.

                • 50w Grow Light with Higher PPFD
                  Sulis Series LED Grow Light

                  50w Grow Light with Higher PPFD

                  We know that PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) is a crucial factor for growing lights. Only those reaching the plant surface and being absorbed by is effective to your crops. These are valid data as we calculated and tested several times in our lab and customer farm.

                • Significant Growing Effects of 50w Grow Light
                  Sulis Series LED Grow Light

                  Significant Growing Effects of 50w Grow Light

                  According to customers testing, the planting area of 4 * 4 ft finally harvested more the 1.75 times of ordinary organic planting. Enlite grow lights can supplement the light needed for plant growth, ensuring the light source according to scientific planting and maximizing your benefits.

                Optimized Full Spectrum

                Affordable & High out Solution

                Full-spectrum led grow lights provide lights that closely resemble light from the sun. This marketing name comes from the concept of “full-spectrum light,” which nowadays has been used to refer to electromagnetic radiation from the UV to infrared wavebands.

                Just like plants growing outdoors in the sunlight, indoor plants grow best under full-spectrum grow lights, which offer a balance of cool and warm light that is the same as the natural solar spectrum. 

                Comparing to the standard fluorescent bulbs that only provide light in the blue spectrum and incandescent lights that just provide red spectrum light, Full-spectrum grow lights are specially made to provide both red and blue spectra.

                If you're starting a business of growing plants indoors, full-spectrum LED grow lights are the best choice because they give all the light needed without overheating concerns. Insufficient light will result in tall plants with long internodes, so don't use a weak light that causes the seedlings to reach for it, creating "stretch."

                Enlite full spectrum LED grow lights are specially designed for growing healthy and high-yield plants.

                Optimized Full Spectrum
                ADVANCED INDOOR

                To create the most advanced spectrum for complete physiological plant growth, we had to challenge every assumption. Not only did this make the spectra better, but it also made it beautiful.

                Previously, 660 nm (red) and 450 nm (blue) were the most efficient LED packages and coincided with peak ChI A and Chl B absorption areas.

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