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                Enlite Energy Inc
                Horti-Tube LED Grow Light
                Horti-Tube LED Grow Light

                Horti-Tube LED Grow Light

                Horti tube led grow lights integrate full-spectrum LED chips, ultra-slim in size, ultra-light in weight, ultra-high efficiency, ultra-power-saving, daisy chained, and IP66 waterproof. All these make the Horti LED Grow Tube the perfect choice for green leafy vegetables, culinary herbs, and medicine cultivation. You can apply our tube grow lights to seedlings, vegetative, flowering, and fruiting periods.

                Advantages of Horti-Tube LED Grow Light

                Horti-tube grow lights are special for vertical farming, the daisy chain design can reduce the quantity of plug and this design makes this led grow light can be better waterproof suitable for hydroponic growing, the customers usually grow lettuce, micro green, leafy green,  clone, seedling, etc. Almost no heat, so it can be installed very close to the plants, save more space for the customers.

                Horti-Tube LED Grow Light
                • Daisy Chain Grow LED Tubes
                  Horti-Tube LED Grow Light

                  Daisy Chain Grow LED Tubes

                  These grow led tubes have no more messy wires, no more countless sockets, no more frequent replacements. More than 10 pcs Horti LED tube grow lights can be daisy-chained to each other with only one socket! Easy to connect, waterproof end cap protection, super bright lightness and super light weightness, tidier and more efficient!

                • High Efficiency Grow Light Tubes
                  Horti-Tube LED Grow Light

                  High Efficiency Grow Light Tubes

                  These grow light tubes adopt high-efficiency design, its overall efficiency can reach 2.2 μmol/J, which means that your plants can receive more light that can promote growth. At the same time, we are using the latest energy-saving LED chips to produce this 22W Horti Tube, the less than less electricity bill reading, as the more than more harvest amount you get.

                • Waterproof Rating IP66 LED Grow Tube
                  Horti-Tube LED Grow Light

                  Waterproof Rating IP66 LED Grow Tube

                  With LED grow tube with IP66 waterproof design, you no longer have to worry about water mist entering the light, which makes the Horti Tube lights have a longer service life and no need to do so much maintenance (changing the bulbs or so) as the other lights do.

                • Non-Heat Emission LED Grow Tube
                  Horti-Tube LED Grow Light

                  Non-Heat Emission LED Grow Tube

                  The super light transmission protective cover design and good heat dissipation system ensure that this LED grow tube can hardly release any heat while maintaining high brightness. So you can grow culinary herbs, short vegetables, and ornamental flowers, very close to the light body without being burned by heat!

                Optimized Full Spectrum

                Affordable & High out Solution

                Full-spectrum led grow lights provide lights that closely resemble light from the sun. This marketing name comes from the concept of “full-spectrum light,” which nowadays has been used to refer to electromagnetic radiation from the UV to infrared wavebands.

                Just like plants growing outdoors in the sunlight, indoor plants grow best under full-spectrum grow lights, which offer a balance of cool and warm light that is the same as the natural solar spectrum. 

                Comparing to the standard fluorescent bulbs that only provide light in the blue spectrum and incandescent lights that just provide red spectrum light, Full-spectrum grow lights are specially made to provide both red and blue spectra.

                If you're starting a business of growing plants indoors, full-spectrum LED grow lights are the best choice because they give all the light needed without overheating concerns. Insufficient light will result in tall plants with long internodes, so don't use a weak light that causes the seedlings to reach for it, creating "stretch."

                Enlite full spectrum LED grow lights are specially designed for growing healthy and high-yield plants.

                Optimized Full Spectrum
                ADVANCED INDOOR

                To create the most advanced spectrum for complete physiological plant growth, we had to challenge every assumption. Not only did this make the spectra better, but it also made it beautiful.

                Previously, 660 nm (red) and 450 nm (blue) were the most efficient LED packages and coincided with peak ChI A and Chl B absorption areas.

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