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                Enlite Energy Inc
                LED Grow Lights Applications
                We are leading at providing led grow lights for cannabis, tomato & cucumber, floriculture, leafy green, and plant breeding.

                Maximizing Yield with Enlite LED Grow Lights

                Growing plants with LED grow light is one of the biggest achievements for greenhouse and indoor farming in decades. But how to get the best results when using the led grow light is still under-discovered and shared. Take a quick look at our types of grow lights for indoor plants, you can read how the LED grow lights work, and how they affect plant growth, what advantages that LED Grow light have and choose the best suitable light for various application!

                • Cannabis
                  Selecting a proper artificial light for cannabis which can cover the whole stage of growing cycle is very important. Enlite Flora 780W with the full spectrum and dimmable function to best suit your light requirements. See our guide and you will learn more about the growing with LED grow light and determine what is the best for your situation.
                • Tomato & Cucumber
                  Tomato & Cucumber
                  The good designed lighting is a necessity of leafy greenhouse crops like tomato, cucumber and peppers. Because there is not sufficient light for the whole plant especially in the middle and the bottom. The inter-light with the top light is the good lighting system for this plant. The low operation temperature makes it possible to be placed within the crops and to use it as inter-light in greenhouse crops.
                • Floriculture
                  Choosing Enlite greenhouse grow light to control and create the best growth atmosphere for the plant. The Flora and top light 660W enables growers to manage veg growth and rapid flowering all year round. The top light 660W will help control plants growth so that they will be ready for sell at the precise time.
                • Leafy Green
                  Leafy Green
                  LED grow light can produce about 50 μmol more lights comparing to a 1000W HPS with the same electricity consumption, and you will not need to change the bulb each season, or doing a bunch of maintenance job. Enlite offer different lights to meet your needs either indoor or greenhouses, with full spectrum, low heat releasing, and waterproof design.
                • Plant Breeding
                  Plant Breeding
                  LED growing light was been found to replace for the fluorescent lights in tissue culture and growth chambers several years ago. Enlite Horti-tube, with high energy efficiency, low surface temperature, long life span, and lower maintenance makes it use in the tissue culture, micro propagation facilities and growth chambers.
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