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                Enlite Energy Inc

                Enlite Growing Lights & Customers

                Enlite Energy is a highly innovative manufacturing company specializing in LED lighting, Grow lighting and Solar applications, We are based both in China and in USA. Enlite Energy has highly professional R&D and Manufacturing teams with over 20 years of LED production know-how and 15 years of circuit board manufacturing experience. We presently employ over 400 people and are one of the top 10 electronics manufacturing companies in China.

                Case Studies
                Case Studies

                What Our People Say About Our LED Growing Light

                As an annual, dioecious, flowering herb, Cannabis is also known as Hemp or Marijuana, and Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, or Hybrid Cannabis shall be the three main categories for cannabis growers. Cannabis Sativa (Medical Cannabis) helps in chronic pain and muscle spasms with the Cannabinoids (CBD) it contained, Cannabis Indica (Recreational Cannabis) has mental and physical effects, such as creating

                • Full Spectrum

                  Enlite LED growing lights applying with self-designed Full light spectrum, developing from more than 20 different spectrums and we found this spectrum that with more blue lights can help the crops thrive stronger stems and lead to higher quality buds.

                  Full Spectrum
                • High Efficiency

                  Upto 2.6 μmol/J hihg efficiency, Enlite aims to produce higher canopy PPFD LED gro wing lights for crops cultivation, no matter greenhouses growing, indoor planting, vertical farming or so. Lower efficiency and intensity lights for germination or leafy greens all available here.

                  High Efficiency
                • Full Supply Chain

                  Enlite has our own R&D team, production team, sales and after-sales team, both in China factory and US branch / warehouse. We offer the different light options toward different needs, quality ensured, and all orders can be arranged timely.

                  Full Supply Chain
                • Easy to Install

                  We equip all products with detailed installation instructions, with lightweight product designs, simple installation steps, growers can install the lights according to the simulation design drawings we confirmed. All you need to do is hanging the lights, connnecting the wires and start your growing.

                  Easy to Install
                • Eco-friendly

                  Compared with HPS, LED growing light can not only save more than 40% of electricity but also release less heat and with a better heat dissipation performance, so as to maintain lower light body and the air temperature.

                • Longer Lifespan

                  LED beads have better stability and better light decay performance, with special LED Light beads protection layers, fantastic heat dissipation designs and waterproof IP66 level, Enlite growing lights can reach 50,000 hours lifespan under proper using.

                  Longer Lifespan
                Case Studies

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