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                Enlite Energy Inc

                It's My Smartest Decision to Replace Hps with Led

                Cultivating medical cannabis for about 10 years, Mr. Robinson from California has been planting indoor with the HPS for about 9 years, and he met with Enlite at MJBizCon 2018.

                “You are very warmly to introduce the new grow lights to me, and I was actually didn't know too much about LED grow lights.” Says Mr. Robinson, when last year our sales team doing the visit at his farm and they mentioned why he decided to choose Enlite as the replacement of the HPS. “I was actually got 3 different LED grow lights from different companies to do the testing, and I found out that those growing under Enlite grow lights are with stronger stems, larger leaves, and finally I harvest about 10% more buds comparing to the other lights, and 56% more to HPS.” Mr. Robinson is quite excited when we talked about this, and he then ordered 220 sets from Enlite in the spring of 2019, and the large-scale cultivation also brings good results.

                Replacing the 1000W HPS growing lights with 600W Enlite Sundisk Indoor growing light, Mr. Robinson not only harvests more grams per square foot for the dried cannabis but also get much lower electric bills. “I will not need to operate all air coolers same as days growing with HPS, the room temperature is much lower which saves me a lot except the lower light watts.” Mr. Robinson shows us that half of the air cooler is turned off, and a lower growing room temperature is definitely more comfortable for cultivators.