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                Enlite Energy Inc

                Horti Tube for Clone

                Cloning Cannabis is the procedure of making a precise copy of your cannabis plant, allowing you to grow cannabis without having plant from seed. They cut it directly from mother plants.


                – A female plant will produce 100 % female marijuana clones.

                – Marijuana clones will have precisely the same preferable characteristics of your mother plant.

                – Cloning marijuana is less expensive and faster than beginning from seed.

                – There is no limit on the variety of marijuana clones you can take.

                – You can clone from a clone. It’s good practice to replace the mother plant after a year.

                Humidity, Light, temperature, is very important to the clone.

                Humidity can be from 70%-100%! 

                Day Temperature is 24-25 degrees. 

                Night temperature is 20-21 degrees.

                The customer who has more than 25 years experience, have tried a lot of different light, such as fluorescent, HID, T5, etc, But after the customer tried our lights, he says, we are the game-changer, the clone grows under our light can be 100% rooted, and the roots are strong and healthy. The following are some photos that grow under our Enlite Horti tube.