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                Enlite Energy Inc

                Enlite Horti Tube for Lettuce Growing

                As the population is growing fast, food shortage and security both are increasing problems. so there are more and more people who are growing vegetables indoor. Such as lettuce, herbs, microgreens, etc are very popular. 

                One customer is from the USA , who is growing all kinds of lettuce, herbs, microgreens indoor vertical farming, 100% pesticide and residue-free! They bought more than 11000pcs Horti tubes from us. Before chose our lights, The engineer has been testing many brands of lights, such as Philip lighting, GE, and other brands of lights, but at last why us? 

                First: our Horti tube is high and true efficacy 2.1umole/J,

                Second: we use full-spectrum, suitable for the whole growth stage.

                Third: there is almost no heat produced from the lights.

                Forth: It is a daisy chain connection, easy for installation.

                At last, Grow under our lights the taste is great. 

                So The following are some pictures from their farm :