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                Enlite Energy Inc

                Company Profile

                About ENLITE ENERGY

                ENLITE ENERGY INC - the leader of Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights, specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling Commercial-Grade LED grow lights for indoor farming, and greenhouse.

                ENLITE ENERGY INC has developed a line of horticulture solutions from high efficacy LED grow light to Integrated Container farm, Which aim to Saving electricity cost and Getting high quality yields. As the leader of LED grow lights, ENLITE ENERGY INC has a professional R&D and manufacturing teams with over 20 years experience, we will constantly innovate and provide new solutions.

                Our Mission

                To focus on green energy product development and manufacturing so we can offer the World our solutions for a cleaner and  more sustainable future.

                To focus on creating value added products for both our customers and our partners that in turn enables them to be successful in this competitive and research driven industry.

                Our Vision

                Enlite Energy aims to be a World leader on The Green Energy and Electronics Manufacturing sectors.

                Our Values are to:

                Maintain the highest quality standards possible

                Offer our customers exceptional service and innovation

                Make the conditions of life on our Planet better and more sustainable.

                Factory Show